Boz Bucking Dummy



  • Bozo The Desensitizing Headless Horseman or Bucking Dummy and Training Video Bozo  BuckingDummy
    If you don’t use the Boz Bucking Dummy THEN you become the Bucking Dummy!
  • Bozo The Desensitizing Headless Horseman or Bucking Dummy Close-up buckingcloseupClose-up of Bozo This shows a close up view of Bozo The Desensitizing Headless Horseman.   $895.00
  • Click here to print out instructions:Boz Bucking Dummy Instructions



    Steps to using The BOZ Bucking Dummy, if you don’t use the Bucking Dummy , you BECOME the Bucking Dummy!

    1.         Watch tape 1st.

    2.         Use an old saddle just in case and a 30’ lunge rope , NEVER lunge free at 1st.

    3.         Flag them 1st with a 3 to 4ft. whip,  with and bag on the end.

    4.         Put pants on only. Lunge

    5.         Put 2 sand bags in legs.  Lunge

    6.         Put 2 small air bags at end of legs.  Lunge

    7.         Put 2 air bags on waist of pants.  Lunge

    8.         Put poles into pants, snap in place, front and 2 sides.  Lunge

    9.         Pull down poles and snap 2 small air bags on ends.  Lunge

    10.       Take 2 air bags off and put on 2 green 18” straps.  Lunge

    11.       Put 2 air bags on ends of green straps.  Lunge

    12.       Take green straps off, now put on shirt.  Lunge

    13.       Put 2 air bags on end of shirt sleeves.  Lunge

    14.       Put on adjustable flank strap, If you have one.  Lunge

    15.       Long drive with Dummy on.  Time to get on – You are now The Bucking Dummy!

    16.       Start Leaving Dummy on for 2 hours – 4 hours – 6 hours – 8 hours.

    17.       Turn loose in arena and ride another horse, pushing the one with The Boz Bucking Dummy around.  Circle – Rollbacks – Figure 8’s, etc.  You may see that the horse you are riding needs The Boz Bucking Dummy also.

    18.       Every other day put The Boz Bucking Dummy on for all night rides.  8:00 evening to 6:00 am.  You ride Monday – Wednesday – Friday.  The Boz Bucking Dummy rides all night.  Tues – Thurs making it 23 hours a week of riding or 92 hours a month.  Instead of you riding only at 5 hours a week or 20 hours a month , you are getting 4 times more riding a month using The Boz Bucking Dummy.

    19.       Any day you don’t want to rid, put The Boz Bucking Dummy on 1-2-3-4 etc. horses at a time,  turn in arena, film them running and playing.

    20.       Call if you have any questions.  BOZ – 559-542-1269

    21.       You 2 Dummies be safe and have a great time.