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“We ride on our FEET not our SEAT”

The Perfect Balanced Stop – BOZ on Blossom – a Spanish Barb Mare – showing how to do a perfect slide stop (Running in front and sliding in rear. Boz is up off her back with loose reins in a balance position when riding a Boz Saddle.

“We ride on our FEET not our SEAT”

“The most Advanced Riding & Training System ever developed for a horse and rider in any discipline Hi-Tech performance riding for English and Western Collected and Speed Bozzage combined.

2 hands – 1 hands – no hands – At all 4 speeds

1/4 -1/2- 3/4 -Full

The spin stops here!

BOZ (John Bozanich)is the New #1 High-Tech Instructor, combining the old and the new techniques of teaching and equipment. It gives him the advantage over all others. In 1981 he traveled to Colorado to attend the Monte Foreman School of Horsemanship where he became a certified instructor. As BOZ progressed in the horse world, his quest for quality equestrian equipment grew. He could not find the equipment to meet his standards, so he began to design and make his own, thus BOZ Saddlery was born. Bozzage balance ride saddles and equipment are designed to get the most out of the horse and rider in the easiest and most humane way possible.

Visit him and his wife Ann at their mountain ranch in the Sequoia Monument, they offer clinics, private training, horse vacations with over 4 million acres available to ride from their place.


June of 2012, Boz was one of the clinicians at the California Horse Expo in Sacramento.  He along with some of his long time students thrilled the audience each day in the main arena at the Cal Expo.  The Fab 5 under his instruction showed how everyday people (grandparents) accomplish these things on their horses.  January/February 2013 Boz will again be a clinician at the California Horse Expo but in Pomona California.  He will again have his students showing their stuff.  This year there will be 7 students ranging in ages of mid 30′s to 70 years old.

March of 1993 , BOZ set the World Record Symposium at the Great Western Livestock Show. BOZ’s performance was the first for the equestrian world. Using his own designs, he built all the necessary equipment needed to break the horse:

1. Handtied halter/bridle combo and lead rope

2. Made the shoes and shoed the horse.

3. Made and sewed all 4 custom Boz leg wraps.

4. Made his split reins with sticks and running martingale

5. Made his custom Boz snaffle bit- bent – tig welded & polished

6. Made his custom training spurs – bent – tig welded & polished

7. Built his patented Bozzage spring flex original balance ride saddle – all in 4 hours and 45 minutes.

8. Then went into the round pen to break the horse teaching him in 45 minutes to:

1. Mount & dismount both sides

2. Back 3 times across round pen, no hands

3. Forehand turn right & left

4. Sidepass 3 times left & right.

5. Post trot into left lead

6. Post trot into right lead

7. Figure 8 drop to trot lead changes

8. Stop at walk & trot – no hands

9. Then open the round pen to large arena and did 4 front foot first natural flying changes all in 45 minutes.

But the whole complete show was completed in front of 34,000 people in 5 ½ hours.

It is unmatched by anyone in the horse world. 2 shows were completed, 1 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday.

Bozzage saddles has the 1st flexible saddle tree, and the only patented flexible saddle tree that gives in every direction. It has the 1st velcro system on the bottom to accept pads that you can change for different horses with different shapes. Others have tried to copy Boz’s idea but Boz was the 1st. Remember Boz’s saying: “Don’t be fooled a wooden tree only fits a wooden horse”

and that’s a proven fact, so if you really do love your horse, STOP and consider that.

In 2001 , Boz designed the 1st Boz Treeless Bareback Saddle, that you can go at any speed, any direction with no loss of Balance – Security – Control or Performance. NO TREELESS saddle comes close. It is the Biggest improvement in saddles in over 200 years.

Boz’s 4 day Trim and Shoeing clinic, using Boz designed equipment to make the job easy. 1st. Cam anvil portable shoeing stand & tool holder. 1st Shoeing seat, no more back or leg fatiguem makes it possible to shoe a horse in ½ the time.

March of 1996, BOZ designed the first Water Injection System for a saddle. This cools off the horses back and in turn cools off the horse internally. .

Boz Bucking Dummy – So you don’t become the Bucking Dummy.

In July of 1996, BOZ traveled to confer with Hans Biglajzer, a master leather craftsman of German saddles for over 50 years. John is now designing and building a 21st Century High-Tech German Jump Saddles.

In October of 1992, John traveled to Colorado to study under Master Bootmaker Larry Smith. Today he designs and makes his own riding and training boots.

In 1986 John attended the Porterville Horse Shoeing school, where he graduated top in his class. John specializes in correcting and treating horses with special problems and many life saving techniques.

His formal training began at Porterville College in 1970, where he was certified in all types of welding, pipe, construction, mig & tig , a skill he uses in his work as a shoeing smith He has had his own welding business for over 37 years.

1st by BOZ – designed and made by The Boz Family

Boz Halter/Bridle Combo

Boz split reins with Sticks

Boz Snaffle

Bozzage Saddles

Boz Bareback Saddles

Boz Bucking Dummy

Boz Shoeing Equipment – Boz shoeing seat and Boz shoeing stand

Boz custom leg wraps

Boz 3rd Hand – saddle stand

Boz Saddle Kit – make your own saddle “in just under 2 hours”

Boz “Sit and Pour” rigid saddle tree fitting system

Bozzage Evaluation Horsemanship Test – 1 thru 4


“Everything is made by The Boz Family in the USA by senior citizens”